Visual Novels

2012-06-19 13:50:32 by Frostbyte250


After playing through RPG Shooter: Starwish (by xdanond) and the Vocaloid VN's, all I want to do now is make one.
If anybody here is prone to start one or join a team... help a brother out. I do music, plot/character scripting, and some environmental sketching (mainly conceptual).

If any of you awesome bros out there could do me a favor with that, I assure you it wouldn't be regretted.

~ Frostbyte


2011-09-16 21:57:13 by Frostbyte250

Well, recently I had been working on some art for a band called Garden State Heroes out of NJ who had been wanted a logo or piece of art of some sorts. I posted the concept sketch to their FB page and within the hour my posts, comments, and overall presence was removed from their vicinity including the photo. Thankfully, I had put a permanent copyright on it, because they had been hacked. So we're working this out now as I speak.
If anyone wants to do collaborations or commission artwork or just do anything (including just chatting), hit me up.
- Frostbyte

There are certain images I've been trying to upload as icons for my music, but when I convert them to .gif images and try to upload them, Newgrounds tells me that these "transparent backgrounds" aren't allowed. I've never even heard of that before.
So if anyone knows what the problem is, or how to fix it, that would be great. Thanks

Check out Nostrap's music on here for some great music. You probably heard of him, Please Intro, BFG23, and In A Trance Redux.
Artwise, on, Mischievous Martian has some of the best custom art evar, and is for hire too.
I've only just joined, so my first music submission is gonna take some time before NewGrounds approves my submission status...
Once that happens, I'll have a few more up in no time, and there should be new stuff every week or so. I scrounge free stuff from and others...
Until then, just chill out dudes.